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Baby Food Recipes

Print Makes about (4 oz) freezer jars
Ball® Guide for Making and Storing Homemade Baby Food

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More parents are turning to making their own fresh, homemade baby food for many reasons: to control the quality and ingredients your baby eats, provide organic foods for your baby, and to meet special dietary needs. In addition, parents take pride in preparing healthy, safe food for their baby.

How to step-by-step:
  1. WASH, chop and cook (using microwaving or steaming methods) fresh vegetables or fruits, appropriate for your child’s age and health needs. We recommend you consult your physician before introducing any new foods to your baby.
  2. BLEND cooked veggies and fruits, with liquid, in blender or food processor until pureed.
  3. LADLE the puree into freezer safe jars. Two great, reusable options for storage in the freezer:
  4. LEAVE 1/2 inch headspace between the top of the food puree and the rim of the jar. This space allows for the upward and outward expansion of food during freezing.
  5. APPLY the cap to the jar. When using glass jars, you may want to use plastic storage caps instead of the two piece canning lid. Plastic storage caps are sold separately.
  6. STORE in the freezer at or below 0°F for up to two months.
  7. THAW in the refrigerator before use.
Tips on Preparing Baby food:
* Select the fresh, high quality fruits and vegetables. Local farmers’ markets, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farms, your garden or local community garden and the grocery store are great places to find produce during peak season.
* Wash produce thoroughly before use.
* Freezing is the recommended preserving method for long-term storage of homemade baby food. Home canning is not a recommended method for preserving baby food.
* We recommend that parents consult their family physician before introducing any new foods to your baby and for specific dietary recommendations.

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