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Want to learn more about pickling, but just don’t know where to start? Or maybe the pickling process has you worried. Either way, we’re here to help. Just start with these 3 simple steps to pickling! You’ll see why some people think they’re even easier to make and preserve than jam.

First Things First

Choose Your Recipe

Whether you like your pickles tart and tangy or sweet and spicy, you will be able to find a recipe for you.

Gather Your Gear

Ball® Home Preserving Starter Kit
  • 4 (240 mL) Ball® Quilted Crystal Jelly Jars with lids and bands
  • Preserving rack with lifter
  • Preserving tools
  • Your own stockpot
  • Common kitchen utensils

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Prepare Your Gear

  • Wash jars, lids and bands in hot, soapy water. Rinse well.
  • Keep jars warm until they are ready for use, in order to minimize risk of breakage when filling with hot food. You can heat them in a pot of simmering water, or in a heated dishwasher.
  • Fill your own large stockpot half full with water to ensure jars will be covered by at least 2.5 cm of water. Heat to a simmer (82° C).

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Preserve Fresh, Homemade Food in 3 Simple Steps

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Pickles Help

Ensure you have the freshest taste and color for your pickled creations. The Pickle Problem Solver helps you find the answers to picking the best produce, preventing discoloration of your homemade pickles and ensuring your pickles are crunchy every time.

Preserving Saves Time

Check out our time saving infographic to learn how!


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Preserving Terms

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